Algebraic parameter estimation of a multi-sinusoidal waveform signal from noisy data

Questioning some paradigms of signal processing via concrete examples

Discrete-time linear parametric identification: An algebraic approach

Nonlinear estimation is easy

Numerical differentiation with annihilators in noisy environment

Critique du rapport signal à bruit en communications numériques — Questioning the signal to noise ratio in digital communications

Algebraic change-point detection

Model-free based water level control for hydroelectric power plants

Vers une commande sans modèle pour aménagements hydroélectriques en cascade

Commande sans modèle de la vitesse longitudinale d’un véhicule électrique

A mathematical explanation via « intelligent » PID controllers of the strange ubiquity of PIDs

A diagnosis-based approach for tire-road forces and maximum friction estimation

Experimental comparison of classical pid and model-free control: position control of a shape memory alloy active spring

Nothing is as Practical as a Good Theory: Model-Free Control — Rien de plus utile qu’une bonne théorie: la commande sans modèle

La commande << sans modèle >> du trafic autoroutier

Freeway ramp metering control made easy and efficient

Model-free control

« Intelligent » controllers on cheap and small programmable devices

Active magnetic bearing: A new step for model-free control

Multivariable decoupled longitudinal and lateral vehicle control: A model-free design

Coupled nonlinear vehicle control: Flatness-based setting with algebraic estimation techniques

Model-free control and fault accommodation for an experimental greenhouse

Stability margins and model-free control: A first look

 Towards a new viewpoint on causality for time series

On meteorological forecasts for energy management and large historical data: A first look

A fresh look at ramp metering control: ALINEA without any tedious calibration

A variable reference trajectory for model-free glycemia regulation

Seasonalities and cycles in time series: A fresh look with computer experiments

Model-based versus model-free control designs for improving microalgae growth in a closed photobioreactor: Some preliminary comparaisons

Model-free immune therapy: A control approach to acute inflammation

On short-term traffic flow forecasting and its reliability

Solar energy production: Short-term forecasting and risk management

On ramp metering: Towards a better understanding of ALINEA via model-free control

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